Simran Trailer Is Out Portraying Kangana Ranaut


Finally, the wait is over as Simran trailer is out, the movie is featuring the Queen of Bollywood industry Kangana Ranaut.

Ranaut is back again with another avatar in Simran to entertain her fans.Simran Movie Trailer Review

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The trailer begins Simran describing a few poetic lines and leaving a clue that Simra is not that woman who can be controlled within boundaries.

Simran trailer is 2:36-minute long which engages its audience from the beginning itself.

The movie seems completely ruled by powerful acting of Kangana Ranaut and movie is likely to explore something new.

The movie of the story revolves around the solo lead Simran.

She tells her boyfriend that she is ‘addicted to gambling and stealing.’

Kangana Ranaut is portraying the bold character in Simran, we hope her fans will just love the character.

Her dialogue delivery in an innocent flow would win many hearts.

Simran is directed by Hansal Mehta who have shown various phases of Simran in the film from securing a luxurious house under house under ‘minority housing’ to flirt with Firangi persons.e film has been embroiled in several controversies, from writer

The movie has been indulged in controversies many times from Apurv Asrani who has claimed that leaked his story to allegations of Kangana Ranaut over the Simran’s edit table.

The few months of the movie have been rough.

Although, the movie trailer ensures a joyful journey throughout the film.

Along with some sort of magic of mystery and also some part of the nostalgic character of Kangana’s will takes you back to Queen.

The movie ‘Simran’ is geared up for its release on 15 September this year.kangana ranaut

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We hope you find the trailer of Simran interesting and entertaining.
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