10 Signs You Found A Perfect Partner

You Found A Perfect Partner
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By the time we are out of our teenage, all of us start looking for that perfect someone. Someone who understands and is the same kind of crazy. Signs you found a perfect partner is important to give a thought.

We have a certain image in our mind as to how our significant other should be, and we often start a checklist every time we find a potential human who could be the one.

But, once we start dating, there’s this little ray of doubt and fear that asks if this person is the right one. So, to help you get over the struggle here’s a list of:

10 signs you’ve found the perfect person.

1There’s comfort in silence.

The silences during conversations no more feel awkward, but comfortable.

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2Respecting opinions.

When both of you give each other freedom to express an opinion and also respect it, it’s a good sign.

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3You guys criticise.

You are each other’s best critics,  honest, and open about things you like and dislike about each other. No sugar coated compliments.

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4You respect each other’s personal Space.

There’s possessiveness and then there’s totally invading a person’s personal space.

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5Being attentive.

If your partner is all ears and genuinely pays attention, it means there are care and respect.

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6Gifts and compliments.

No matter how cliche it may seem, showing that you love is important.

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7Accepting the way you are.

No changing each other and bringing out flaws, you see!

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8Loving you for who you are.

There’s a difference between “You look beautiful” and “You are beautiful”.

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9No misunderstandings.

A relationship where everything is spoken about, no grudges whatsoever.

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10Your kind of crazy.

Beyond all logic, you guys just strike and it all feels just right.

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When you meet the right kind of person, you just know. So, always remember to focus on the signs you found a perfect partner to be in a right relationship.

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