10 Signs That Tell, A Girl Is Into You

girl is into you
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We all, guys and girls alike, have spent hours overthinking, over-analyzing and decoding all the smallest of signs the person has given. There are signs that tell, a girl is into you as if someone really loves you, it’s pretty simple to know.

There are a lot of giveaways from a girls side when she has feelings for you. Read on to know the signs a girl gets all the butterflies just like you do.

10 Signs That Tell, A Girl Is Into You

1She laughs at your weirdest of jokes

When a girl is into someone, no matter how bad a joke you crack, she’s going to give out a good laugh just to let you know.

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2She gets jealous

Even if you are just talking to another girl and this lady pops out of nowhere in between of your conversation, know that she is jealous and likes you, pretty obvious.

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3 She plays hard to get

Guys often fear being friend zoned or rejected, but if she’s playing hard to get, she may just be testing for how long you stick around.

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4She is vulnerable

Not all girls totally open up about their biggest fears and dreams in front of everyone. If she comes to you to tell how she really feels, know that she feels secure around you.

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5She Cares

If a girl really is into you, she’s going to care so much that she’ll behave like your mom at times.

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6She will appreciate

Every time you make a genuine effort to win her over, she’ll make sure you know that she knows and values it.

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7She’ll get possessive

No partying with your boys. She’ll often get clingy and all possessive about you.

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8 She’ll introduce you to her family and best friend

If you get in with this, it’s a huge sign she is taking you seriously she’ll introduce you to her family and best friend.

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9She’ll throw little hints

She loves you but wants you to make the first move. So, just to make sure you do, she’s going to give out subtle hints that’ll actually seem very obvious to you.

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10She’ll tell you (indirectly)

Compliments and a little flirting, you see?

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It’s said and right;y so, that an oops is always better than a what if! So, without making a chaos out of it, if she gives some of these signs, go make a move and let her know how you feel.

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