12 Easy Ways for Self-Improvement To Make A Change In Your Life

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    Self-improvement is the key to understand your inner self and for making a better and peaceful life.

    Surprisingly, for some people investing time in self-care is not so important. They neglect to work on a vital part of their life and end up with regret, stress, and dissatisfaction.

    Undoubtedly, self-improvement is challenging, doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a never-ending process that requires consistency and a positive outlook for a happier life.

    Let’s understand how to work on self-improvement

    1Stay determined with your to-do list

    Set daily realistic goals priority-wise that allow you to tackle urgent tasks first while considering how will you reach your ultimate goals, this process will increase your productivity and motivate you to do even better.

    2Talk with your insight

    Talk with yourself and try to understand your insight for self-balancing, stop comparing yourself with others as everyone is unique in their own way, this will help you to lead a peaceful and meaningful life.

    3Learn from your mistakes 

    Acknowledge your mistake and handle your mistakes wisely, most importantly, quit complaining and take lessons from them. Try not to repeat your mistakes again and be a better version of yourself.

    4Overcome your fears

    Gather courage, fuel yourself to confront your fears for overcoming your anxiety and phobia. Realize your potential by exposing yourself to new challenges as fear hinders actions. Explore and experience new things to enjoy life.

    5Improve your sense of humor 

    Life becomes so much easier with a good sense of humor. Try to use funny side to almost everything, be witty but also careful to not offend others, hang out with funny people, laugh more, spread positivity.

    6Listen to Ted Talks/ motivational speech

    Listen to most popular Ted Talks of all the time to get inspired and stay motivated and for boosting your confidence,  stay positive.

    Here are some recommendations of most inspiring Ted Talks/motivational  speech:

    a) The psychology of positivity – Shawn Achor

    b) Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

    c) The 3 A’s of awesome – Neil Pasricha

    d) How to live passionately: no matter your age – Isabel Allende

    e) A simple trick to positive thinking – Alison Ledgerwood

    7Read every day for self-improvement

    To stay positive and release stress read every day, this will expand your knowledge and vocab also improve focus and feel relaxed.

    Here are some book recommendations:

    a) Atomic Habits – James Clear

    b) Big Magic (creative living beyond fear) – Elizabeth Gilbert

    c) The power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

    d) Brief Answers to the big questions – Stephen Hawking

    e)Think straight: change your thoughts change your life – Darius Foroux

    8Learn a new skill/course

    Upgrade your skill and add a new skill with the help of online courses in wellness, mental health, health, painting, photography, singing, a new language, cooking, musical instrument; this will improve your ability to wear multiple hats and boost your confidence level.

    9Work on your physical and mental health nourishment

    Explores the connection between what you eat and how you feel as mental & physical health go hand-in-hand. So, exercise, meditate; play games, and have a balanced diet. Remember to go for regular checkups, and get enough sleep is will help in your better wellbeing.

    10Get into action

    To achieve breakthrough self-improvement, focus on your ultimate goal, and motivate yourself every day to act on your pre-set plans.

    11Ask for feedback

    Identify the right people to ask for honest feedback and be prepared to receive feedback as it comes good or bad. Take notes of bad feedback, work on them, and make it your habit to take follow-up at regular intervals for better self-improvement results.


    Start with making small changes every day, a simple change in a lifestyle helps you in understanding your inner self and for your overall improvement for shaping your life in a better way.


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