This Is How Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Our Lives

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In the matter of a few months, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has transformed the world from what it used to be.

Coronavirus-2019 started in Wuhan city of China in late Dec 2019, now spreading across the globe.

Due to the global health emergency, the lockdown has been announced throughout the world to fight against this global pandemic.

Additionally, concerned authorities have taken adequate measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

For instance, closed public places ad transport, reduce operations, or shut down and social-distancing.

To track active cases of coronavirus, you may check worldometer coronavirus and COVID-19 tracker.

Thenceforth, coronavirus lockdown has affected many aspects of our lives.

Let’s discuss some of the major Effects  of Coronavirus

1Impact on economy

Due to lockdown, in India, a rise in unemployment of 27.1% in the first week of May.

The unemployment rate in the US increased to 14.7 %.

The unemployment rate in China had increased to 6.2 % in February 2020.

The service industry hit hard and a fall in manufacturing activities.

It is expected that the global economy going to shink in 2020. Surely, a bad year for trade.

2Increased Subscribers

Subscription of entertainment apps, TV Programmes, and TRP have increased.

Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar, YouTube caught the attention.

These entrainment apps have a whooping increase in subscribers during the lockdown period.

Netflix has over 15 million new subscribers and Youtube has a 20% surge in subscribers in the last week of April.

3Reduction on Travel

Lockdown has a bad effect on travel & tourism,  aviation & hospitality industries all over the world.

Especially, countries like Singapore, Paris, New Zealand, and Dubai.

The cruise industry and flights hit hard as many countries have closed their borders.

The government has made it mandatory for all arrivals, 14 days quarantine, or self-isolation.

4Increased data consumption

Now, people are recharging mobile more often; online consumption of data has increased (30%) in lockdowns.

Additionally, professionals are working from home which led to increased mobile broadband subscriptions.

Higher consumption of data led to slow internet speed.

And, Jio and airtel  (India); Verizon a telecommunications giant in the US are in profit brackets.


Coronavirus lockdown has affected many aspects of our lives. Let’s fight against this global pandemic by taking necessary precautions led by WHO.

Every cloud has a silver lining; this too shall pass.

Stay home Stay Safe!

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