Alert! Avocados Side Effects You Must Be Aware of

Avocado Health benefits

Undoubtedly, the super-food avocado is preferred by a number because of its medicinal qualities but you must know avocados side effects as well.

Actually, this pear-shaped fruit with green pulp is delicious and is packed with beneficial nutrients.

Yes, I agree!! Avocado contains twenty-five natural vitamins and mineral; plenty of protein, phytochemicals, and fibers.


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Avocados Side Effects that are not to be ignored 

1The problem of Mouth Allergy

If you consume avocado in excess it may harmful to mouth and may cause allergies like swelling, itching in the mouth.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of avocado in your meal.

2Harmful To lactating mothers

If you are a lactating mother a big no to avocados because they are not considered healthy for the lactating mothers as they have to feed their baby.

There are chances of mammary gland damage, eventually, produces less amount of milk in their body.

If the baby does not get an adequate amount of milk that hinders the growth of your child.

3Weight Gain

If you are fond of avocados always keep in mind that they are enriched in calories.

Consumption of excessive avocados results in weight gain which further leads to health problems.

If you are targeting to reduce your weight then you must not eat avocados.

Instead, have low calories fruits after a regular interval of time that will provide much-needed nutrition to your body.

4Leads to Blood Thinning

Without any doubt, avocados are really beneficial for the individuals with blood clotting as they are enriched in Vitamin K.

Don’t ever forget to have a moderate quantity of avocados because if you have enough of these it may cause your blood thinner that will lead to bruising and bleeding.

And if you are on blood thinning medication already then a strict no to avocados.

5Increases Hypersensitivity

Those who are suffering from hypersensitivity (extreme physical sensitivity to particular substances or conditions)must avoid.

Consumption of avocados leads to increased hypersensitivity and makes the patient condition more severe.

An excessive amount of this fruit may lead to an increase in the sensitiveness of skin reaction and skin.

6Reduces Impact Of Medicines

Surprisingly, excess consumption of this fruit may reduce the medicinal impact of anti-inflammatory medication.

7Avocados Side Effects On Liver

Avocado is also preferred in cooking in the form of oil, overconsumption of avocados may lead to liver disorder.

Mexican avocado that contains elements like estragole and anethole which may cause a carcinogenic reaction in the body.

If you want the safety of your liver then never overdose avocados.

And if you are suffering from liver malfunctioning already intake of avocados will worsen the condition.

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As everything has its pros and cons so do avocados have both.

Consumption of avocados must be in moderate quantity so as to avoid its side effects.

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