3 Stages Of Acne You Need To Know

    Stages of acne

    When you heard about acne stages, the questions that may arise in your mind: what are the stages of acne? Do different types of acne have different treatment? How different stages of acne affect the skin? and many more. So, here we will deal with these questions.

    To start with, acne can be mild, moderate and severe. Different medications are required for different acne and also depend on the severity of acne.  Now, you might think, how would I identify, whether I have mild or moderate or severe acne? Some people have mild acne others have moderate, some get severe acne, and a few get no acne at all.  Let’s discuss the different stages of acne:

    3 Stages Of Acne You Need To Know

    1Stages of Acne: Mild acne 

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    If you have one or two comedones acne (closed i.e. whiteheads and opened acne i.e. blackheads) then you have mild acne. When should you start the treatment of mild acne? The best course of action is to prevent mild acne in the initial stage. Why is it important to treat acne at its first stage? You should build the discipline to treat them yourself because if you do not bother, it may turn into moderate acne which further leads to severe acne especially in teenager adult.

    2Moderate acne

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    If you have few comedones acne or papules/pustules acne these types of acne come under the category of moderate acne. Is it important to treat moderate acne? Of course,  Moderate acne is neither mild nor severe but if you don’t treat moderate acne on the right time, it may take the shape of severe acne (stubborn acne). So, what is the right time to treat moderate acne? Try and treat them at an early phase to avoid severity.

    3Severe acne 

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    If you have several dozens papules/pustules acne or your whole face is covered with acne this type of acne comes under severe acne. As the name suggests, this kind of acne is the most severe/ stubborn acne under the skin with permanent scars for several years which may reduce your level of confidence. These acnes should not be avoided at any cost; they may at further stage need surgery and for obvious reasons, it is very expensive.

    You might wonder, how does acne can be treated?  Different medications are available in the market depending on the severity of acne.

    Is it possible to remove acne scars? Yes, acne scars can be removed with the right medication. It may take 2 to 3 weeks to recover the acne with good multiple products.

    Varieties of skin products are available in the market/stores to convince consumers but to make a wiser choice is what matters, so opt for the right product for your skin.


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