7 Easy Ways To Overcome Exam Stress

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    Around this time every year, all the kids everywhere get into the serious studious mood, the reason being this amazing thing called exam stress or the commonly used word ‘phobia’.

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    If one goes to any random school or even a college and asks the students there to tell one word that comes to their mind when they hear “Exam”, surely most of them would be coming up with different answers but most of them are going to be words like fear, anxiety, hope, faith, horror or maybe some may find it success and happiness.

    Exams are an inseparable part of a student life. Right from school to college to university, exams are going to be your constant companion. Nowadays, in the days of ever growing competition and comparisons, the real basis and need for exams are somewhere getting lost and deteriorated.

    No more meaning just a measure to check what progress a student has made, exams have become more of a measure of defining a person’s intelligence. A measure of knowing where the person stands among their fellow companions.

    This is often leading to unwanted problems. Students often end up cheating in the exams for the sake of scoring. Many go down on confidence which often leads to depression and anxiety among students.

    The young pals, who are otherwise supposed to be full of joy, enthusiasm, and bliss, end up being boring and full of negativity. But, it’s a fact no one can change so quickly. We all need to face these exams. And if we cannot totally finish the anxiety and stress, we can surely find ways to reduce it.

    So, to all the confused and lost students out there, here’s some help on our part.  Let’s take a look.

    1Trust your own heart and mind

    When you have exams, exam stress is natural. A lot of people around you, your friends, teachers and random people you know, are going to tell you all sorts of theories.

    Their only intention to do this could purely be to encourage you. They just want you to feel better. So, listen to them. Take the things they say seriously. But don’t let yourself get lost in them.

    Make a plan for yourself that you trust in. Listen to the things others say that you agree upon and totally discard the ones you don’t.

    2Keep your plan and goals clear

    Set a goal, the one you think suits your capacity. Make a plan to work towards achieving it. Once you have made a plan, stick to it no matter what.

    Even if there’s a setback or failure, don’t deviate or stop following the plan you made. Make the needed changes and keep going to keep away exam stress.

    3Make time for other activities

    Studying for literally the entire day is not going to help. Your brain needs a break and so does your body. Make time for other activities like exercising, or may be working on a hobby.

    During this peak exam season, dedicate at least an hour every day to do what you love to do. Listen to music, it relaxes the brain. Dance, paint, go for a walk. But, indulge yourself in some activity that will make you feel better.

    4Reduce exam stress share your thoughts

    No matter how you feel, stressed, happy, anxious, confident, whatever it is you feel during your exams, share it with someone. Tell your parents, friends, siblings about how your studies are going and how you feel.

    Keeping your thoughts to yourself often causes overthinking things that are far from reality. So, make sure you don’t let your thoughts wander around in hopeless directions.

    5Work hard and have faith

    Amidst all the concepts of success and failures, one thing is for sure, hard work brings success. It could be more or less, earlier or later. But, hard work bears a fruit that is for sure.

    So, even if you feel hopeless and lost. Give it one more try, just once more. Maybe you are just one step away from reaching your goal.

    Keep going and working the best you can. Have faith in your hard work and trust your struggle.

    6Make exams and studies fun

    A subject seems a lot more interesting when you look at it that way. Just tell yourself it’s easy and that you can do it and see the difference.

    Also, if you study by connecting the concepts in your subject with something related to your favorite series or television show or sport, it’s going to be a lot easier to remember.

    7Don’t get panic and be confident

    When you sit for writing the exams, remind yourself to remain cool and calm. A lot of us tend to panic just by looking at the very first question. That question seems difficult to even if you know the answer just because it appeared in the exam.

    So, tell yourself not to panic and remain calm. Even the answers you didn’t remember initially would appear in your head because you know you’ve worked hard. A lot has been said and written about this entire thing revolving around exams and exam stress, how competition is killing skills and talent.

    How even the brightest of students are unable to perform well just because they lack the confidence. But, it’s easier said and written than done. A student knows best how it feels to be there, looking at the giant mountain of exams staring down at you.

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    Get a relief from exam stress, this exam season, let it be more of faith, hope, success and happiness than stress, anxiety, frustration, and failure. Everyone’s talented and intelligent, you just need to find the right path to success. It would actually be interesting to look if there’s at least one person who actually loves exams forgetting all about exam stress.

    Here’s wishing everyone an exam season full of success and bright colors!


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      First thanks for sharing this great article. It’s really very helpful to get rid of exam phobia. Points shared by you is most helpful. Again Thanks for this article.

    2. This blog is an incredible source of factual and balanced information. I am always impressed with the level of research and depth of analysis that goes into each post.


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