Art Of Finding Happiness Within!!


    It’s New Year and everyone around has their own set of thoughts on this. Finding happiness within is an art. A lot of us have said this ourselves or heard people around us state, “Last year went by so quickly, I can’t even imagine. It feels like it just started yesterday”. And it really does.


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    Time is passing at a pace so fast beyond the capacity of our imagination. But, isn’t it that even we have drifted ourselves away from being alive, feeling alive, living in the moment? Give it a thought. Don’t you think, under the name of what we call progress in technology and betterment of humans, is it not that we are forgetting to live life as it is and enjoy the little things?

    Is it so difficult for us to take a step back, breathe in and actually let go for a moment? It’s in the small things, you know, the little everyday moments that you need to live a little differently so that you can make yourself a happier being.

    For a day, try this: when you wake up, don’t burden your mind with the thoughts of how the day is going to go and the work you’re supposed to do. Slow down, open the window and look at that ball of fire rising up above the horizon. Listen to the chirping of birds and remind yourself that this world is a beautiful place.

    Do at least one random act of kindness every day. The happiness you’ll get out of it, cannot be measured with anything. Seeing someone else smile because of you brings a different bliss altogether.

    On the route to your workplace, amidst all the traffic, chaos and pollution, stop and make time to take a look around. Appreciate how a roadside kid has the purest laugh despite the adverse circumstances he lives in.

    Look at that little pink flower that bloomed out of the crack in a wall of a thousand-year-old mansion standing amidst all the sky touching buildings all around it. Look at how the sky changes it’s colored as the day moves on. Wave at the kids sitting on the school bus in front of you, make their everyday routine ride to school even more joyful.

    Ask questions whenever in doubt, initiate conversations with people around you. A compliment if you like something about someone. Also, if you dislike something, state it, politely.

    Finding happiness within by keeping the child in you alive. Keep your mind curious and hungry for knowledge. Make time for exercise and prayer.

    Go on a trip, even if it’s a short one, at least once a month. Go to art galleries, watch plays, attend music concerts, visit museums and parks, explore your city and the places around it.

    Make time to talk with your loved ones, every day. Have at least one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your family. Know what is going on in their lives.

    Listen to good music, paint a picture even if you are not so good at it. Grow a garden in your backyard. Every time a flower blooms in there, your entire day would be full of happiness.

    We don’t realize how huge an impact these little things can make in our lives. Nowadays, depression and other such problems have become so common. Lifestyle is changing so drastically, coming up with it has become a challenge. People are becoming lonely and hollow on the inside.

    It’s really high time we need to stop surviving and start living, for the betterment of ourselves. We’ve gone so terribly wrong somewhere, relationships are breaking and true friends have become a rarity. Where did it all go wrong? More important than this, what can we do to make this situation better? The answer lies within yourself. Make time for yourself and listen to that voice within you.

    We have a lot of setbacks, all of us do. We go through stress, anxiety, heartbreaks, failures, and rejections. And this is something we cannot escape nor avoid, given that our lifestyle demands it. But, we can always find ways to live life in between these moments. Finding happiness within from everyday life, routine things we do. To keep the human in us alive. How do you ask?

    Have you ever looked at a little kid? They are the ones who know exactly how to do this. The pure souls who know how to laugh with all their heart. Instead of teaching them life, we should be the ones learning from them. We should be the ones looking up to them to keep ourselves going.

    We need to learn to step out and explore. All of us know that one busy street where there’s heavy flowing traffic and chaos day and night. All we feel about it is irritating. But, ever tried to stand by that roadside, quietly, amidst the crowd yet all by yourself? If you ever do, you’ll find even the chaos is interesting.

    Finding happiness within- a big deal! There’s a beauty to that chaos too. If you look at the people walking by, two women gossiping, two men discussing the latest news, a girl bringing her dog for a walk, the vehicles stopping at a signal, and the ones not stopping, everything. There’s so much to discern, so much to learn from that chaos.

    Be happy always

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    So, in order to be happy, all we need to do is step out and actually do something. Not for the sake of posting it on the social media, not for the sake of it being a status symbol but because you should and you do love yourself enough. Enough for you to care about yourself and not let that spark within you go off.

    This new year, let go of all your stress, fears, worries, anxiety and the past that pulls you down. Cheer over the happy memories and celebrate the good in life and learn the art of finding happiness within. The world’s a beautiful place if you have a heart good enough and mind open enough to look at it that way.



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