Discover The Types Of Acne You Have

    types of acne

    What is acne?

    acne problem

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    Acne is an inflammatory skin condition which can occur at any age but generally, common in teenagers and young adults. Let’s discover types of acne you are having.

    Common Problem

    Imagine it’s your wedding day, you wake up in the morning and see acne on your face what will you do?  At first, you will think why do I have this problem? And you feel stressed or restless.

    You may try to squeeze your acne or look for the ways to get rid of it as fast as you can, right? But, stop getting panic as acne is a natural part of life.

    However, it is important to note that different acne required different medication, so the best choice is to opt for the right medication to manage different types of acne.

    What types of acne do you have?

    There are different types of acne on different parts of your face which is due to physiological reasons, let’s take a look:


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    • Whitehead: This type of acne forms on your face when dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil get trapped within one of your pores.
    • Blackhead: The small bump in the dark or black surface is a mild type of acne that develops on your skin because of clogged hair follicles.
    • Papules & Pustules: Papules are a hard but a small pimple or swelling on your skin, however, Pustules are also like papules but they form yellowish, liquid pus like a blister.
    • Nodules: It’s an accumulation of cells in the body which results in a small swelling on your skin.
    • Cyst: A cyst usually varies in size and filled with liquid and semi-solid material that block your skin pores which leads to a severe form of acne.

    Undoubtedly, acne can come and go for various reasons. So, stay persistent, consider a lifestyle change or consult a dermatologist and see if your acne goes away. Enjoy your radiant skin!



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