11 Best Bars Los Angeles – A Must Visit

Best Bars Los Angeles

Weather is always chilly in Los Angeles, so to warm up yourself with a cocktail or beer in happy hours is always a great idea. The best bars Los Angeles has to offer to enjoy a drink or dine with your friends and family.

Best Bars Los Angeles

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To your surprise, the popping bars in Los Angeles offer trendy and the best-tasting drinks with a bright rooftop lounge, indoor and outdoor options with an incredible view. A combination of dining and drinking at discounted prices is always the best option.

If you are looking for the classic and unique bars offering the mind-blowing drinks with the blend of local and international ingredients. Here we are going to share the list of some must-visit bars in Los Angeles.

Either you are partying with family and friends at these places or merely enjoy your drink with the best accompany ever, i.e. ‘You’ at any corner of the bar.

Brace yourself with some awesome drinks at the best bars Los Angeles

1Best Bars Los Angeles: Gracias Madre Los Angeles

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You can enjoy highly processed flavors of drink at Gracias Madre bar where farm fresh, agave-based cocktail is served which was started by Jason Eisner the Beverage Director.

Gracias Madre LA offers an unforgettable drink experience. This bar facilitates reservations, deliveries, and pickups.

The icing on the cake is the bar also offers cuisines inspired by Mexican ingredients grown organically.

2The Varnish Los Angeles

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The Varnish Los Angeles, a classic bar offers trendy and improved whiskey & cocktails made by experts. You also have the option of letting the bartender present you with the flavored cocktails in the cozy wooden booths.

The drinks are made with special ingredients, such as, berries, juices, herbs, and a range of premium spirit drinks for which The Varnish LA honored with the prestigious label of ‘Best American Cocktail Bar’.

On the top of all, this bar offers a combination of the warm and dark interiors with classic design and the soft Jazz music in the background with the amazing services and hospitality which is something beyond words.

3Rosaline LA

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Rosaline, a restaurant, and bar which is located in West Hollywood, United States. Rosaline was named after mother of Chef Ricardo Zarate.

What adds to the beauty of this place? The design and architecture of Rosaline which was done by Kevin Tsai.

The bartenders use Japanese flavors and ingredients for making the best drinks, at the same time, keeping the essence of South American drinks.

The most appealing thing about this place is the modern indoor and outdoor dining space which is filled with greenery and lighting throughout.

4Walker Inn Los Angeles

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Walker inn is a perfect place for having drinks with your friends where you can have unique cocktail experience and Omakase-Style services.

Due to the limited capacity of Walker Inn, first- come, the first-serve system is being followed. Interestingly, reservations are available and also the option of the waiting list for the next available table.

Don’t forget to think once before canceling the table as cancellation charges are applicable.

5Mikkeller Bar Los Angeles

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Mikkeller bar is the top-quality beer bar owned and operated by Mikkel Borg Bjergso partnership with Chuck Stilphen.

This place is extensively spacious with the glass frontage that gives the opportunity to customers to fill their belly with varieties of cocktails and beer. You also have the option to choose table seating or booths as per your preferences.

6Sotto Los Angeles

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Sotto is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles which is operated by Chef de Cuisine Craig Towe and Executive Chef Steve Samson.

One can try the seasonal cocktail program, Italian liqueurs, and Southern Italian Boutique Wine at Sotto LA.

It is important to note, this place is lively and romantic which is suitable for a date and night parties with top-class services making your time at Sotto all the more wonderful.

7Broken Shaker Los Angeles

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Broken Shaker is located in the centre of the city of Los Angeles which offers small cocktails with homemade ingredients and flavors.

This hotel & bar is a winner of ‘Best American Hotel Bar’ award for Tales of the Cocktails.

You can also make a reservation for a poolside table or on the rooftop for classic views while having best-tasting drinks like mescal and tequila.

8Everson Royce Bar Los Angeles

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Everson Royce Bar has arrays of beer and wines focusing on rare Japanese whiskeys, cocktails, wine, and Barrel-Aged Cocktails.

You may also opt for Omakase order where you let the bartender make your drink with his own creativity.

This bar has an interior bar area and outdoor yard having huge space, usually, this place remains crowded. Ever Royce Bar serves both good drinks and good food.

9Tiki-Ti Los Angeles

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Tiki-Ti is a small bar with just 12 seats and tables against walls which is located in Hollywood is amongst the best bars Los Angeles.

This bar serves exclusive drinks which are owned by Tropical Drink Bar for five decades. The bar menu covers all the Tiki drinks at a reasonable price.

Musso and Frank Grill Los Angeles


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Musso and Frank Grill were established in 1919 by businessman Frank Toulet with partners French Chef Jean Rue and Oregon restaurateur Joseph Musso.

Authentic dining, outstanding services, excellent food and drinks in the Hollywood style being the reason of popularity of this restaurant.

10Accomplice LA

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An accomplice is located in Grand View Boulevard, Los Angeles which offers signature cocktails like cognac, toasted, green tea, a sherry, and the Midnight Tommy; whiskey made with sesame, ginger, sesame, and amaretto with an Asian touch.

Accomplice LA is a great place for parties and casual night specialized in the carafe and the glass. This bar is the one-stop shop for cocktails and Kung pao.

Hope you enjoyed going through best bars Los Angeles. Stay tuned!


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