11 Best Beaches In Los Angeles County Has To Offer

beaches in Los Angeles County

Are you planning your summer trip to Los Angeles?  Yes!! Then, some of the best beaches in Los Angeles County must be part of your pick list.

The LA beaches are the main tourist attractions among travelers as the view of these beautiful beaches is just breathtaking.

The wonderful combination of blue waves and green trees on the banks of these beaches are downright astounding.

You can spend your time at these beaches as you wish- enjoy sunbath while glancing at the stunning waves, swim, play volleyball, collect seashells, relax or take nap and feel the essence of beautiful beaches.

the list of the best beaches in Los Angeles County promises to bedazzle you with

1Beaches In Los Angeles County: Venice Beach

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Venice Beach is truly a vibrant and exciting spot which is located in the north of Venice Pier.

This beach is the finest beach in the heart of the beach town for making sand sculptures where you can capture the memorable moments.

Venice Beach LA offers a unique experience, people from all walks of life gather at this place to play shakers, drums, dance, sing, and chant.

You should also discover the best time at Venice beach in Los Angeles by exploring the nearby areas.

2Paradise Cove Beach

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Paradise Cove is a small public or private beach which is one of the most relaxing beaches that offer delightful time to its visitors.

Travelers get the opportunity to take advantage of breathtaking views, delicious food and incredible atmosphere at Paradise Cove Beach Los Angeles.

Paradise Cove Beach provide facilitates like swim or surf for free but if you want to have access to beach bed, lounges, and private terrace then you have to loosen your pocket to avail these facilities.

If you are visiting this place in the summer holidays, try to be there early in the morning or late at night to get an easy parking space.

3Carbon Beach (Billionaire’s Beach)

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Carbon Beach is also known as Billionaire’s Beach which is located in the mountains of Santa Monica facing towards south.

This beach is named Billionaire’s Beach because the lavish houses owned by well-known celebrities are located near this beach.

The eastern access of the Billionaire Beach LA is known as the David Geffen Access.

Interestingly, Carbon Beach Los Angeles is situated between the Surfrider Beach and Carbon Canyon Road.

The beach water is cleanest and crystal clear for swimming; this cozy place is just perfect to relax and home for the most splendid architectural achievements. So, enjoy the scenic view of Carbon Beach Los Angeles.

4Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach is located in the midst of Los Angeles and San Diego in southern California this place is generally crowded during summer.

Laguna Beach Los Angeles is just around 2 hours away from LAX, the best spot for the nature lover.

Laguna Beach LA offers facilities like a boardwalk, volleyball, basketball, playground for kids etc. Soft sand beats the scorching heat that makes this place perfect to swim.

5El Matador State Beach Los Angeles

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El Matador State Beach is also known as ‘Pocket Beach’ which is hidden under the steep staircase.

This beach is a natural wonder which is located between Point Dume State Beach and Leo Carrillo.

This beach is packed with sea caves, massive rocks, robust waves, and sands.

El Matador State Beach Los Angeles is the most popular beaches in Malibu that offers a fantastic view.

6Dockweiler State Beach Los Angeles

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Dockweiler State Beach is one of the most extensive and easily accessible beaches in the Playa Del Rey LA.

This beach offers shore fishing, gliding, showers, volleyball net, sunbathing soft sand, and swimming in the crystal clear water.

Dockweiler State Beach has around 1,200 parking lots.

There is also a facility of Recreational Vehicle Park and Youth Centre near this beach which offers multi-purpose terrace and rooms.

7Santa Monica State Beach

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Santa Monica State Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in LA which is located in the north of the historic Santa Monica.

Santa Beach offers roller coaster rides, a volleyball net, bike ride, Segways, pancakes, and a beach towel/ blanket.

8Point Dume State Beach

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Point Dume State Beach is located at the end of Malibu, Los Angeles.

An excellent place for scuba diving, fishing, swimming, rock climb, rocky coves headlands, and cliffs.

During the migration period ‘Dec to April’, this beach is a perfect spot to watch California’s Gray whales and species of birds.

9Leo Carrillo State Park

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Leo Carrillo State Park is entirely a scenic natural wonder accommodating all types of visitors.

This beach is a paradise for surfers and also facilitates activities like hiking, tide pool, swimmers, and fishing.

Leo Carrillo State Park beach is an ecologically diverse spot which provides camp facilities with over 100 campsites.

Additionally, a free parking facility is available on the north side of the beach and you can also bring your beloved dogs along.

10Seaside Lagoon

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Seaside Lagoon, a sandy and salty water beach where one can enjoy fountain, sunbathe, and water slides. This beach has around 1.5 million gallons of water.

Moreover, this beach offers a large area for sunbathing, swimming, volleyball courts, kids games. Ruby restaurant’s snack bar is the main attraction of Seaside Lagoon.

11Beaches In Los Angeles County: Surfrider Beach

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Surfrider Beach is a small beach just about a mile long.  Water at this beach is crystal clear which offers an ideal spot for swimming, surfing, lounging, birding, fishing, and kayaking.

You have gone through the list of best beaches in Los Angeles County, if you have ever been to any of the above beaches, please share your experience in the comments section below.



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