Travelling isn’t just going to a place, seeing it and coming back. It’s much more than that. To travel all about making memories, making a new place a part of you and leaving a bit of you there.

It’s looking at a place through your own unbiased view. It’s about actually going out there and learning from this book called the world.

How travelling is much more than what it seems, find out through travel ideas

It makes you realize how comfortable home is

No matter how much we say how the whole world is your home and so it is. Some places do really feel like home, giving you the same amount of comfort and home.

Travelling sometimes does makes you realize the comforts that your sweet home offers and which we often take for granted.

This happens when you are in a totally new place, looking for a good restaurant to eat in; or maybe when you are on a road trip, have completely lost your route and can find no one around for help. You do miss your city sometimes.

Travelling is trusting strangers

Trust has become very expensive nowadays and trust issues a more than the common problem. But, when you hit the road, all set to explore a new place, you can’t help but trust strangers, literally strangers.

Right from asking people for helping you with the route to your destination to smallest moments where a complete stranger becomes your friend just because you seem to come from a slightly similar area of interest in a place that is completely new to both of you.

You learn to trust strangers, you learn how important helping others is, no matter how much the crowds and chaos of city irritates you, you learn what difference it makes to have people around you even if they are unknown. You learn to trust, honesty, helpfulness and much more.

You realize how small you and your problems are

When you set out on the road, with your car rushing past all those beautiful landscapes with huge mountains, gushing rivers, vast oceans, tall trees and adding to the beauty, the sun, moon and the infinite skies, you can’t help but wonder how small a part you are of this world.

When you pass through small villages and large metros, you realize how different lives people live than yours, you realize that comfort and happiness can be different for different people. You realize that everyone has their own set of problems, but they do overcome them and keep living.

You realize sometimes, how small your problems are and you feel thankful for being blessed with some things not everyone gets. You realize no matter how powerful humans become, nothing can match the grandeur of nature, so do not stop and go with travel ideas.

It strikes to you how beautiful a place this world is

When you are not in one place, setting off on the road often, taking short halts in between; when you watch the sunrise early in the morning and jump down the horizon, happily at the end of the day, the moon took over the sky every day but from a new place, you realize how beauty can come in so many ways and how every sunrise and sunset is blissful in its own way.

When you travel on the road looking at the changing landscapes, changing cities, changing people, changing lifestyles, changing skies and come across animals all big and small, you realize how everything can be so versatile yet feel so beautiful and happy.

And not just places, along with your journeys, you end up making friends, surprisingly instantly, some beautiful friends.

Sometimes, a friendship that is many many years old fails to leave a spark that this random friendship ends up creating. So you learn that not only places but people too can be beautiful.

Travel brings you out of your comfort zone.

We all have this little happy, comfortable cocoon built around us which we deny to let go of. But, stepping out of your home challenges one to do this.

You break your routine, eat a different breakfast, sleep under a different roof, go footloose to places your seeing for the first time in your life.

You explore the unknown corners of the world as well as your heart and mind. You drive on risky roads, climb steep mountains, go hiking through jungles not having the slightest of a clue what you might come across ahead.

You take risks, you learn to go the hit and trial way, you trust your gut instincts and your faith in the supreme power strengths.

You use all your senses even more and keep your mind open. You learn to stay alert and live in the moment instead of being stressful about the past or anxious about the future.

Travelling makes you stronger, wiser and happier.

It is rightly said that “those who do not travel, read only one page of this book called life”. When you travel you realize that this world is much more than you thought it is. You learn how strikingly different the ways in which people live are.

You learn how relative the terms happiness and suffering are. You learn that something you were stressing and fussing about so much could actually mean a blessing to someone.

You become wiser in ways you don’t realize. You learn about the history, culture, and art of different places and wonder how there can be so much to read, see, feel, explore, do, live.

You learn how the earth changes its shades after every few miles and you end up wondering how change is absolutely inevitable and that is only what keeps us going.

So, to feel alive, to find the happiness inside of you, to spread around bliss, to learn that there’s a treasure out there with so many places to see, books to read and thoughts to ponder upon, travel.

Feed your soul, open your heart and let your mind stay curious with our unique travel ideas.