10 Best Sunglasses For Women To Wear This Year

sunglasses for women
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Sunglasses not only protect our eyes but also add the cool factor to the look. And there’s a wide variety of sunglasses for women available in the fashion market.

A look at what’s new in the market

1Wayfarer Sunglasses

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The hands down best sunglasses for women when going on a vacation or a road trip.


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These have been known since long and will never go out of style. The aviator also called pilot glasses are one classy choice in the sunglasses for women.

3 Cat Eye Sunglasses

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The one with the oomph factor. These sure have been in trend since long. Best choice of glasses when going to parties or clubbing

4Double Rimmed

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The slight change in the frame works wonders for any kind of look. From party ready to chic, these glasses go well with anything.

5Rounded Sunglasses

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These are the cutest among the available sunglasses for women. There’s also an option of round double rimmed available in this one.

6Wrap Sunglasses

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The one frame that goes perfect with the leather jacket rough kind of look and the coolest sunglasses for women.

7Shield Sunglasses

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These have a single frame and are a perfect pair to wear when going all out to beat the heat.

8Rectangle Frame Sunglasses

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These one look best on round faces and are one of the best available options of sunglasses for women.

9Browline Sunglasses

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These have a thicker frame on the top than on bottom. They sure are in style and add an edge to the look.

10Butterfly Sunglasses

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Somewhat similar to the cat eye glasses, these make it to the cutest of available sunglasses for women.

There’s a huge variety with even more new trends adding up everyday in the fashion market. But, the section of sunglasses for women is one worth exploring. Beat the heat along with making a fashion statement.



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