5 Reasons: Why Solo Travel Is Important?

Solo Travel
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Travelling isn’t the same as always. It’s different when you travel with your family, different when you travel with friends, different when you travel with your colleagues, and totally different when you decide to go solo travel. Solo traveling is something everyone must try at least once.

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Isn’t this whole idea of traveling amazing? It’s like you decide upon a place, like yes this is the kind of beauty I’ll want to get my soul lost in this time. Then you make a plan, of, pack your things and get all set.

There’s this different kind of bliss in the anxiety and sleepless nights you get just before the trip. You reach the station, bus stop, airport and it’s like you enter a totally different world.
There’s this subtle charm that these places have. They transport you from one place to another.  It’s like you get in at a place that is snowy all round the year, and reach a place that is a hot desert.

You get in at a place you’ve lived in and seen since you were a kid and reach a place that is awaiting you to fulfill your dreams to start a new chapter of your life. You get in at a posh metro and reach a place where even electricity seems a luxury.

Just like we have a huge variety of places to see, explore and soak in, we also have a lot many types of travelers each with their own significance. We have backpackers who are always up for adventures, treks, making mountains their homes.

We have travelers, the real ones, who love roaming around, the ones who call the entire world their home. The ones who would explore a mountain, an ocean and an old temple with equal enthusiasm.

The ones who would dig deep into the history and culture of any place going around making the natives of these places their friends. Then we have the solo travelers. And today’s we will go in detail of solo travel. Solo travel comes with its own set of pros and cons and what this is cannot be experienced until you’ve traveled alone at least once.

Imagine going on a journey about which you have no idea what’s going to come up. You take a transport, you make friends there, you talk to unknown people and make friendships of a lifetime. You trust strangers and your own instincts. You make decisions based totally on your opinions and beliefs.

You learn what independence and freedom are. You discover yourself along the way as you set out to discover this world.

What makes solo travel worth? 

1The freedom gives you confidence.

Traveling solo isn’t easy but it’s totally worth and what makes it so is the immense freedom you get which results in a boost in your confidence beyond your imagination.

When you tackle the little everyday problems on your own when you have to keep up your strength because you know you have no other option when you don’t see what might suddenly come up but you trust and keep moving, that’s when a weird kind of confidence gets into you.

Because you realize that you can survive and that makes you feel confident about yourself.

2You learn to keep moving no matter what.

There come days while traveling when just nothing goes right. You miss your bus, you lose your way, you can’t find your card, you can’t find a good place to eat at and you are left feeling irritated and lost.

But then, all you have is yourself to tell you that giving up isn’t a choice and that to keep moving is the best and only way out.

So, you gather hope and bring back the faith and move on, facing each coming obstacle, no matter how little, with all your strength.

3Somewhere along the way, you find yourself.

As you go on this solo journey to any place,  as you find your way amidst the dense forest, create a trail while trekking a mountain or lose yourself as you sit beside an ocean, somewhere along the way, you find yourself.

With all these positive vibes around you and your thoughts wandering as deep as they can, away from all your worries and anxieties, you’re bound to get in touch with your true deepest selves.

4Solo travel makes nature your friend.

Even though there may be a crowd of hundreds around you, sometimes, some places have this magical vibe to them that you end up pouring all of your heart, telling everything that’s there on your mind to a tree, or a mountain or the moon in the calm night.

You know they won’t judge or misunderstand and no matter how practical we try to be, we all need someone like this to rejuvenate ourselves.

So, as you set out solo, you smile at the little blooming flowers, wave at the swaying trees, look in awe at the huge mountains, sing along with the birds and all together create a bond with nature as pure as friendship.

5You come back a different person.

When you come back home, you realize you aren’t the same. It’s not that you’ve completely changed, maybe you have just found yourself, known yourself better.

This seemingly small thing makes a huge impact on you though. You can find yourself smiling more, being open-minded and having a sense of hope and positivity like never before.

Not just this, when you return from the amazing solo journey you just had, you already find yourself having turned into a storyteller.

You catch every person you meet, wanting to tell them about your adventures, about the many things you have learned along the way, about everything your journey was all about.

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Traveling in itself is a great learning experience, but solo travel makes it even more enriching. Solo traveling makes you think more, wonder more, explore more, live a little more and love yourself a lot more. So, when are you planning your next solo trip?


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